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Our Exclusive 3 - in - 1 Online
Floretting & Coring System for Broccoli, Cauliflower & Lettuce

The Pop a Top™ is the only 3-in-1 unit in the world. It florets cauliflower and broccoli, as well as bowls out lettuce.

With our Pop a Top™ floret machine the unit will do 52 strokes (broccoli heads) per minute. With a change of the gear box up to 70 strokes per minute is possible. Depending on the weight of the broccoli, this unit will process from 750 to 1250 pounds per hour! The average person can only process about 250 pounds per hour. Our studies have shown that our Pop a Top™ machine saves 60 to 65% in labor costs. On average, in our experience with this unit, when floretting broccoli you can see a 90-day return on your investment.

As with broccoli, our Pop a Top™ cauliflower floret machine will do 52 strokes, or heads of cauliflower, per minute. Even faster times can be reached with a change of the gear box. Cauliflower, being a much denser product, can be processed at approximately 4,000 to 5,000 pounds per hour. Using only manual labor, only about 800 pounds per hour would be processed. Your savings are up to 75% in labor costs. It is the only machine in the world that separates the core from the floret and it never touches the floret itself. Some clients will use the core for different types of food products, so there is no waste at all. In our experience with this unit, when floretting cauliflower, you can expect to see a return on your investment in as quickly as 60 days.

Our Pop a Top™ unit will also bowl out lettuce. Manual labor would only produce approximately 280 pounds of lettuce per hour. However, with the Pop a Top™ machine, you can process as much as 3500 pounds per hour of bowled out lettuce.

You can set the depth of your cut into the lettuce, or just remove the top. You can also adjust the settings to bowl out even more, depending on what your customer desires. Bowling out lettuce is now very popular with many restaurants today that make lettuce wraps. Bowling out the lettuce provides easy access to intact leaves for various uses.
The Pop a Top™ machine is very easy to operate, with different settings depending on the intended use. Cut depth can be manually set, while the unit is running.

We at Agrabest are committed to producing the highest quality harvesting and floretting production equipment in the industry. Our 3-in-1 Pop a Top™ machines are custom built to your needs and are designed to deliver convenience and cut consistency. The design is also key to reducing cross contamination and will reduce your labor by as much as 70%. In these difficult economic times, there is no better time than now to automate and take advantage of significant cost savings through better efficiency and labor reduction with Pop a Top™.

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3-in-1 Floretting & Coring System